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Publisher Microsoft Corp.
Latest Version Service Pack 3 (5.1.2600.5512)
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Operating System Windows 10 | Windows 11
License Freeware
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Windows XP is an extraordinary operating system. Even though it has been abandoned by Microsoft in favor of newer and better operating systems, Windows XP has a charisma on its own that even up to this day some users are still using it.

While some people may say that those users are still stuck in the past and dislike changes, it is admirable that they refuse to follow the trend because of a simple reason. And that is, what they have is already plenty enough to do what they need to do.

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Windows XP

Microsoft wants its OS customers to believe that a newer OS is a better OS, but many customers have their own opinions which are not in line with that particular wish of Microsoft. Despite the hype about Windows 10 and Microsoft’s persistent attempt to make users switch to the latest operating system, some users are not willing to let go even the super old Windows XP.

It’s not always about which one is better. Sometimes it is simply about what is really needed. And Windows XP is already good enough to write a novel, compose a letter, surf the internet, listen to music, watch video, manage files, and read digital books. In a nutshell, Windows XP can do anything that casual users usually do when they are in front of their PC screen.

Not every one is interested in all kinds of fancy stuff the newer operating systems have such as the latest modern clipboard manager that you can find in Windows 10. Even if you really need such application, there are alternatives, and CLCL is a good one that can store both text and images to be pasted anywhere you like.

Windows XP is as easy to use as the newer operating systems, and even easier than Windows 8 that ditched the start menu for the sake of the Metro start screen, a careless Microsoft’s decision that incited a huge amount of outrage and a move that accidentally strengthened the belief that newer does not always mean better.

An obvious advantage of using Windows XP is the hardware requirements. For example, the recommended RAM amount to run Windows XP is only 128 MB. With such a low requirement, the operating system runs fine on older machines and faster on newer ones.

Windows XP SP3 Free Download

Essentially, Windows XP is an outdated operating system, but it is still a very functional one. It is capable of many things, while the lack of some features can be covered by using third-party software that support Windows XP. Even if your favorite software doesn’t support Windows XP anymore, you can still use the old versions as long as you know where to download them if the official sites do not provide them any longer.

Most of the disadvantages from using Windows XP is simply coming from the fact that it is already an operating system that doesn’t receive official support anymore. Had Microsoft still focused its attention on Windows XP, it would have been an operating system as great as or even greater than Windows 10.

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