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There is no doubt that Windows 10 has been the best OS that Microsoft has ever made so far. Sure, it is debatable, but the number of the users that insist to keep using the previous versions, especially Windows 7, has been growing thinner over time since the first day of its initial release. The number of new cool features added by Microsoft is one of the reasons of why more people eventually migrate to the OS.

By now Microsoft has released several versions of Windows 10 that each of which offers a number of improvements that makes it more irresistible to many users. In short, what it offers is a great number of functionalities that are presented in a very easy to use and beautiful interface.

Highlighted Features of Windows 10

Gorgeous user interface

In terms of look, Windows 10 is easily the most beautiful version over its predecessors. To some users who only care about functionalities, it might not really that matter. To many other users, though, the slick interface of Windows 10 can improve their productivity to some extent.

Microsoft Edge

Say goodbye to Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is the new kid on the block optimized for Windows 10 environment. The latest improvement makes this awesome browser even faster than before. The features are as good as those you find in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you like to collect information from the web, then perhaps the Collections feature is the one that would make you switch from your current browser to Microsoft Edge.

Virtual Desktop

Your taskbar is too crowded and you don’t want to close any of the running programs. This is where the virtual desktop shines the most. You can make use of it for different kinds of activities or projects separately. If you are curious as to the best things that you can get from this latest version of Windows, then this virtual desktop is the one that can give you a decent boost to multitasking.

Task Manager

It is simply the best task manager ever because it gives you more control and information. You can monitor process, kill process, search online to find detailed information about a process, find out which one that makes the whole system runs much slower, manage the startup items and system services, and so on.

Windows Sandbox

If you use at least Windows 10 Pro version, then you can enjoy the excellent capability of its built-in virtual machine. In case you really have to, let’s say, visit a website that looks suspicious, this Windows Sandbox can provide the neccessary protection.

Download Windows 10 ISO Files

Just as the previous versions, though, Windows 10 also has its own negative sides. The biggest one is probably the privacy issue, but there are some measures that you can take to deal with it.

As for the concern about the forced update, Microsoft has finally provided users with options to control how and when it should happen. The most important things of all, the speed and security of Windows 10 is a huge improvement that you probably won’t want to miss out.

Windows 10 32-bit

Windows 10 64-bit


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