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Download Friday Night Funkin’ for Windows 10 / 11 (2022 Latest)

Publisher ninjamuffin99
Latest Version 0.2.7
File Size 140 MB
Operating System Windows 10 | Windows 11
License Freeware
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When it was still a demo, Friday Night Funkin’ made a really good impression that many people wanted to play the full version of the game. Its unexpected rising popularity urged the developers to seek donations by making a KickStarter campaign which turns out to be very successful as it has received more than 2 million dollars.

The money came from more than fifty thousands of backers. The developers use the money to improve the game so that gamers can enjoy it even more. Friday Night Funkin’ is an indie game that keeps growing over time.


Download Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkin’ is a game that has a simple premise yet entertaining. The main character wants to get close to his love interest, but her father wants him to stay away. In order to convince her protective father, the protagonist has to overcome some obstacles in which he has to show off his skills in rythm battles.

A rythm game like this Friday Night Funkin’ may made many gamers remember the glory days of Dance Dance Revolution which was quite a phenomenon. The game demands an undivided concentration on the directions just like Friday Night Funkin’.

What makes them different from each other is that Dance Dance Revolution requires you to dance with your feet according to the directions, while Friday Night Funkin’ is much less hardcore, in that players only need to use their fingers to play the game.

Dance Dance Revolution is arguably more challenging and definitely much more tiring, but Friday Night Funkin’ is also a fun game to play especially for players who do not want to get sweaty just from playing a game to pass some spare time.

Friday Night Funkin’ has two modes: story and free play. Players are not obligated to play the story mode so you can choose whichever you want to play.

There are several levels in the story mode that can be played at a specified difficulty setting. The default difficulty setting is Normal. The others are Easy and Hard. Don’t let it deceives you, though. Even the Easy setting is hard enough for a beginner, let alone the Hard one.

The free play mode allows players to play the game without needing to follow a sequence. Additionally, players are free to choose a song from the list.

No matter which mode is selected, the key to win the game is to hit the right keys. It is much easier to say than to do though as the game gets pretty hard fast.

Friday Night Funkin’ Free Download

Playing games is undoubtedly one of the so many ways to have some fun. In addition to the games that are developed by large game publishers, there are many indie games that are no less fun, and one of them is Friday Night Funkin’.

Its popularity is a proof that Friday Night Funkin’ is a game that many people enjoy playing. The gameplay is simple yet quite challenging, more than enough to get rid of your boredom. You can click the link below to download Friday Night Funkin’ for Windows 10 / 11:

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

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